New lubricant unveiled by Wolf for most recent DFI and EFI two-stroke oil OUTBOARD engines

Wolf Lubricants - Wolf OUTBOARD 2T TC-W3 DFI

Especially for current DFI and EFI two stroke oil OUTBOARD engines used by pleasure craft, cruisers, and jet skis, Wolf unveils the OUTBOARD 2-STROKE TC-W3 DFI lubricant.

The OUTBOARD 2-STROKE TC-W3 DFI is designed for use with all water-cooled two-stroke outboard gasoline engines with a power capability adhering to the National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA) specification TC-W3

These are found on cruisers, speedboats and an assortment of other pleasure boats, plus jet skis manufactured by the makes of Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury and Kawasaki. 

Additionally, the lubricant fits the specifications API TC and JASO FC.

Main advantages for two stroke oil outboard engines

The OUTBOARD 2-STROKE TC-W3 DFI formulation is augmented by using semi-synthetic base stock. Thus it extends engine life and provides maximum additive treatment. 

Other benefits include:

  • Rust prevention
  • Prevention of piston and cylinder scuffing
  • Eliminates ring sticking and exhaust blockage
  • Smoke is visibly reduced

Compared with other products on the market, this lubricant has a higher viscosity index (VI) thus the viscosity has greater temperature stability in all operating circumstances.

Qualities in terms of mixing

The OUTBOARD 2-STROKE TC-W3 DFI is designed for use with both premix and direct injection lubrication. 

The mixing ratio for premix lubrication is variable in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications and can be adapted to suit your own requirements. The combination of oil and gasoline automatically creates a stable mixture. The OUTBOARD 2-STROKE TC-W3 DFI’s blue colour ensures it is easily detectable.


  • This new lubricant is engineered to encompass all powerful water-cooled outboard two-stroke gasoline engines aligning to NMMA specification TC-W3. 
  • Additionally, it adheres to the specifications API TC and JASO FC.
  • Extended engine life with peak quality additive treatment and a high VI.
  • Usable with both premix and direct injection lubrication.